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How am I able to achieve my goals when it comes to Fitness & Nutrition (and also life in general)? I will share my daily mantra with you guys, hope this proves helpful and educative in whatever you do🙂


1. Positive mindset: This is one of my most powerful tools. I have spent my time around positive people (clients and friends) and I could see how worrying less and having a positive mindset influences work and life in general. I adopted this as part of my life and routine and things have never been more POSITIVE. ➕ energy IN= ➕energy OUT.


2. Put in the work: Remember when you love what you do you’re more positive towards it and you can wait to wake up and kick ass at it each day. Seize the day attitude is what makes its count.



3. Smart Nutrition: When it comes to fitness and health we all or at least most of us know what you put in your body affects your whole body system. If you eat “badly” everyday moods are low, productivity is low and well negative energy is on a high. I suggest incorporating your favourite foods🍓 in a healthy way e.g if you like French Fries, try get sweet potatoes🍠 and make them with that instead. If you love nuts-like me-buy the smaller 50gms pkts and just have one each day…do this 5-6 day a week then give yourself 1-2 days and enjoy your favourite meals.

Simplicity is Genius.


4. Results:

A Positive ➕ mindset+Work💪🏾+Smart Nutrition🍓=Results📈

This is my everyday routine I am sharing with you and this works for me and I trust it might/will work for you. Only way to know is to try.

Always create a POSITIVE SITUATION out of every good or bad situation and you’ll see the world from a different angle. No one is promised tomorrow so why not make the most of today?


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