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About Leesthetics

Leon Weche is an International Sports Science Association (ISSA) Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) and Nutritionist (Kenyatta University) with over 5 years of professional experience.

I consider my style of training to be unique and I have developed it through experience, research and knowledge I have acquired over the years before I became certified combined with the years as a Fitness Professional. Leesthetics training is not only training and nutrition education, but an experience and a way of life.

Having been brought up in a family that loved and almost everyone played a sport it is not shocking that I considered a career in fitness and health. My father, Mickey Weche, is a legendary African footballer and I also played football at a semi-professional level in the Kenyan League and many other tournaments in the country, we can say at one point football was my everything until I fell in love with the weight training of course and we can say I retired early from football and pursued my love for fitness and nutrition. I have always been active and loved sports and fitness, in high school I was in the football and basketball team, I actually played any sport that took place on land.

Once I started weight training to improve my sporting abilities I never looked back. I noticed my body changed and I enjoyed the self confidence and high self esteem that came with weight training. With time I started weight and strength training more than I was on the field and well the rest we can say is history. I did my first bodybuilding show in 2015, Musclemania Africa and I came 4th. That was a moment for me as I’d never wanted to compete before but when I did that itn just felt right. In May 2018 I took part in my second competition, The Arnold Classic Africa 2018 and I was a finalist and came 5th out of 6 finalists from all over the world. You can be sure I will be taking part in many more competitions as I now feel I have what it take and the confidence has been boosted.

As humans we need to remember goals change every now and then, all that matters is the mindset is in the rights place to achieve the goals one sets out for themselves. I personally believe fitness is important in EVERY individual’s life, movement is key to being healthy and fit.

I’m here to educate, inspire, change lives, motivate and impart the knowledge I have acquired thus far through my work and all the research so far. Hope I wil be able to bring game changing value to you.