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Form, I believe this is the first thing all Personal Trainers should teach their clients – how to eventually perform exercises with then most perfect form possible as per individual anatomy.

Remember your muscle really has no idea how much weight you are lifting and muscle only responds to the stress put on it (with most of the muscle damage happening during the eccentric motion of the workout).
Most of my clients will tell you that I use the term FORM IS KEY a lot and I try my best to get their form at 99%, especially on the compound lifts which are key lifts in any weight training, strength training, powerlifting or sports training program.

According to there are 3 very key principles discussed that I try apply to my training and also during my Personal Training sessions:

Principle 1 – you should look for ways that make a workout harder, not easier. Successful bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts feel the muscle, not the weight.

Principle 2 – Never sacrifice style for increased poundage. I know people who increase their bench presses by 60 lbs in one month! They do it by adjusting their form as follow:
* Lifting hips off the bench = + 25 lbs,
* Bouncing in the bottom position = + 10 lbs
* Increasing width of grip = +10 lbs
* Not coming up to lock-out= + 15 lbs

Principle 3 – Lower the weights slower than you lift them. Make sure you control the weight and the weight does not control you.
With these 3 principles you are guaranteed to develop good foem which results to faster and super awesome results.

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