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Being called up backstage as the top 6 finalists was one of the best moments of my life. Almost felt like a dream come true. All the work, all the sweat and all that sacrifice, I had reached where I wanted to reach and as much as all else from there was secondary, I wanted to do KILL IT to the best of my ability.

The prep started on 18th December, 2017 after Nyaguthii and I came back from The Dubai Muscle Show. Watching the guys compete and just how well organized the event was, how awesome and nice all the athletes were, how everyone there felt like we were one big happy family (I believe that’s my version of heaven in my ideal world), we just decided that in 2018 we would do a major competition and kill it! As everyone was having their holidays I was hard at prep and it being my first international competition I decided to do a long prep so I have time to learn what works for me and take it step by step (baby steps as I like to put it).
Also another big decision was I decided to self coach. Using all the research I had read and written down and tips from some of the pros I met at The DMS (Dubai Muscle Show) like Arash I knew I was going to give it my best and bring a super package that’d beat my previous one from Musclemania by faaaaaaaaaaaaaar.

The reason for this was I wanted to know what it takes, being a fitness professional all we do serves as research and education so for me to be able to improve my coaching skills I just wanted to know what it takes (emotionally, mentally, physically) to compete at that level. This way it would be easier to relate with my clients and I would be able to understand when they are going through the extreme moments.
I like to take every single experience as an opportunity to educate myself and learn a lot more about this beautiful science, that way as an educator I am able to relate and explain to clients and my followers on social media. There’s no beautiful feeling as being able to teach and empower.
I documented my full prep (workouts and nutrition) for the purpose of an Ebook which will be available soon. It was all documented on a journal. Reason for this is just to be able to educate and guide anyone who would want to compete in the near future and to be able to share the knowledge I have learnt and applied to my prep. One thing to remember is not everything works the same for each individual but this is more for the sake of educating and sharing knowledge and for people to understand it’s NOT EASY, IT IS NOT JUST A MATTER OF DIETING DOWN AND LIFTING WEIGHTS…It goes deeper than that.
During these 20 weeks I have learnt a lot about myself and improved my knowledge on training and nutrition. I will share some of the lessons I have learnt from the start of prep, during prep, backstage and up until I stepped on stage here with you, I had a side note saved on my notepad entitled “LESSONS FROM THE ARNOLD CLASSIC PREP.”
1. 5 months of prep for a few minutes in stage, how beautiful does that sound? Look at it this way, if you can commit to a goal for a certain amount of time, give it 💯, learn from the journey and the process is there really anything that can stand in your way after that?
2. A positive Mindset is a very powerful tool capable of making you achieve success and greatness in whatever you do band whatever your goals may be.
3. Dreams do come true…but only if you believe in them, put in the work & learn everyday.
4. Look at the world with your mind, listen with your eyes, see with your ears and open your heart to positivity.
5. The places my career has taken me, the people I’ve met and the memories I have collected are priceless.
6. Networking is an important aspect for growth.
7. Surround yourself with people with the same goals, same ambitions, same drive and discipline and the progress that is created amongst you and such individuals is magical.
8. Family is loyalty. Anyone who takes their time and even money to support your dreams and aspirations, blood or not…to me that’s family. Embrace family.
9. Bodybuilders and sportsmen in general, no matter where in the world they come from are beautiful people.
10. Documentation is a game changer.
11. Competition prep does not only bring about physical change, that just part of the process. The psychological aspect of it is not to be ignored. Everyday for me from the time I woke up and did my mornings weigh in was a mental, spiritual and emotional workout before I even got to the gym to put in the work on the physical aspect. This shit grows you from the inside, its skin deep and it is a beautiful experience…that’s why I call it the 1% lifestyle. It is BEAUTIFUL.

12. WHATEVER IS WORTH IT, WILL NEVER BE EASY…EVER. IF IT IS, THAT SHIT WASN’T WORTH IT TO BEGIN WITH. That right there I believe in and I can tell you for free.
Thing is I enjoy being on the bodybuilding stage and this is just part of the journey, you can bet I will be doing more competitions and in time i will get better at coaching too. Experience teaches and has its own beautiful lessons.
The next competition i plan on taking part in? It’ll be a surprise but i have my mind set on a comp i have wanted to do for a while so if the Universe allows…that will be it. It will be seized and counted.
Overall when it comes to competitions though, My plan is to step on a Classic Physique stage one fine day so all this work being put in and all the practice is towards that goal. I love the whole art and posing and creation of routines behind Classic Physique and i believe i can get there and do good. It is a huge dream of mine at the moment…and also maybe have a few bodybuilders under the LEESTHETICS BRAND, so watch this space.
I have a few super enthusiastic and motivated game changers who will inspire and motivate.
Always working, always inspiring and motivating.

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